When it comes to building computers you always end up getting what you pay for. If you purchase something cheap, then chances are it's put together using inferior or counterfeit components that will come back to bite you when it comes to quality, reliability and warranty. As competition has never been hotter, many stores will do anything to reduce their prices. Anything from tax evasion, grey importing, component rebadging and substitution, counterfeit software, the list goes on. When you shop online, all you pretty much do is compare prices. You rarely stop and think of the reasons why there's such a great price difference between stores sometimes. After all, if we're all selling the same product, then why would there be such a big price difference between stores? All the stores would be sourcing their products from the same manufacturers right? So prices should be pretty much the same shouldn't they?

When we source components for our computers, we don't need to stoop to low places and do dodgey deals. We source and purchase our products from reputable Australian distributors and suppliers to ensure that we're getting the real-deal. A quality product, backed by the manufacturer and distributor. Sure it might cost a little more in some cases, but it's a small price to pay for the re-assurance of getting a quality product and peace-of-mind that you'll be looked after should you need it.

We take the time to build your custom made computer with care, ensuring that all the components are fitted and secured properly and will work with eachother reliably. We're able to build a computer suitable for just about any requirement, whether it be a basic machine for simple internet access and emailing, or a business computer that needs to be able to run Microsoft Office products and connect to your server and other office equipment, even a custom-build beast of a machine for the serious gamer and graphic/video artist that needs the grunt to process the most demanding tasks.

Where applicable, we will pre-install Windows and the appropriate drivers, download all the latest updates and perform a comprehensive burn-in test to make sure everything is working properly before we pass the computer on to you. If required and if it's possible, we're also happy to transfer your data from your old computer too. Just bring in your old computer, and we'll take care if it.

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