Data Recovery

It's the worst feeling you can have... you turn on your computer and Windows won't load and you need to access a very important document. Loss of data can be catastrophic not only to business users, but also for personal users. Losing your photo collection of your children or your movie library could represent years of lost information and memories.

We can't stress it enough... back up your data! Simply having your important documents on your memory stick, or storing years of photos just on your portable hard drive, or having two copies of your files in different folders on the same computer is not a backup. That's a disaster waiting to happen! You need to store all your important stuff on two seperate devices, maybe even three. So if anything happens to one device, you've always got a copy on another. We see it all the time, people get lazy and complacent then the innevitable happens. Back it up!

We offer several levels of data recovery from all types of media including hard drives, USB memory sticks and SD memory cards. Our basic in-store recovery service for mildly damaged media starts from just $60 per hour, and an off-site service using a professional and expert qualified data recovery company for the more serious issues which we will supply you with a quotation before any recovery takes place. Be prepared though, it can get quite expensive, into the hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars as the recovery process is extremely tedious and time-consuming and requires the use of very specialised equipment.

Contact us or drop your damaged media in to our store in Coburg for a quick appraisal and quotation.