Intel PC Stick

Gone are the days of the big clunky desktop computer (unless of course your a serious gamer or need heaps of grunt!)

If you are however just a basic user or don't require massive amounts of grunt, then there are some really cost effective and ideal computer solutions for you. For example, take the Intel NUC (Next Unit Computing). It's an unobtrusive small box that can sit comfortably on your desk or next to a TV set and make an ideal computer that has enough capacity and performance for just about any everyday requirement. Surf the internet, check your emails, update your facebook status, run Microsoft Office applications, and even stream live video to your TV. From just $399 for a fully functional unit with 4GB RAM and a 500GB Hard Drive, it's an ideal computer for the every day user.

And if you consider the NUC to be huge, well check out the incredible Intel PC-On-A-Stick! It's currently the worlds smallest Window 10 computer and is only slightly bigger than a USB Stick! Just plug it into a HDMI port on a monitor, TV or even projector, and you've got yourself an instant fully-functional Windows 10 computer. Featuring full HD graphics, 2GB RAM, 32GB SSD hard drive, USB ports and even Wifi! For only $249 it's not only the worlds smallest Windows 10 computer, but probably the worlds cheapest too! Come into our store and see one in action... you won't believe your eyes!

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